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Blind dating ru

We can go.- I don't have any obligation to him.- No, come on.

We'll make a good assistantportfolio assessor out of you yet.

The James Brown auto alarm,scattering thieves near and far!

You look like you've beenin a plane crash.- This may shock you, but humans sleep.- I know, I know.

I have a date with a gorgeous...- In the parking lot of the club......

I say,"I've never been in a limo before."She stares at me for 30 seconds,then says, "Let's take a ride."In the limo, she pushes a button anda wall's up between us and the driver.

She's just moved back to town.....wants to meet people!

She's very pretty, Walter.- When was the picture taken?

I may kill you later,but I'm doing this now......before I change my mind.- Walter?