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Cheryl burke ochocinco still dating

"We didn't ."She says, ultimately, "He was never really available to me.

Before handing her the ring, "he said, ' This is a token of my appreciation toward you! Heck, "not even any of my boyfriends have given me anything like this! I don't spend time with anyone like this -- ever!

" PHOTOS: Hilarious backstage DWTS pics The two earned a 20 for their paso doble.

From Drew Lachey to Wayne Newton and Chad Ochocinco to Rick Fox!

The celebrity told Bethenny that her new relationship had yet to reach the three-month marker, to which the host replied: 'When you get to three months I feel like that’s when you decide what you’re going to do.' Her guys: The brunette joked she had the hots for Wayne Newton and Tom De Lay but did not mention her affair with former partner, ex-pro football player Chad Ochocinco, saying only: 'One and done.

"He did everything I asked for, and he really came out with confidence. He did great, no matter what the judges say, and he gave 100 percent.

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After giving her a peck on the cheek, he says: "I've been with her for seven weeks, for nine hours a day, every single day.