Start Dating a southern man

Dating a southern man

Unattractive enough that Southern Man never called for a second date, anyway.

And if no one ever does, that's just fine; better to do without than to settle for less.

But to be in a relationship with Southern Man (with the expectation that he will one day endow thee with all his worldly goods, et cetera) you must provide the two things that men seek most in their partners: emotional comfort and physical pleasure.

Men need someone to lean on, a little bit, at the end of the day, and let them know that they're respected and loved and wanted and needed and didn't screw up too badly that day and here's a hot meal and a beer just for you.

And physical pleasure includes sex but there's a lot more to it than that.

What do you have to offer your hard-working boyfriend at the end of the day?

And, yes, the promises of emotional comfort and physical pleasure are the most important of the six.

He counted up the other day and realized that, up to a couple of years ago, he'd been on ten first dates in his entire life. Well, before you write Southern Man off as a complete loser, we note that eight of those led to long-term relationships. But he does actually has some idea of what he wants in a relationship.