Start Dating fender solid state amps

Dating fender solid state amps

I had the Cube 60 all thorough college and uni and it was a great little amp. I tried a lot of 80s and 90s SS amps - they can be had for cheap and have good cleans.

But I believe we're talking about current ones, no?

The princeton 65 has some reliability issues I believe and it's always a risk to get vintage solid state amps anyway because some parts may not exist anymore.

I have a Princeton 65 I purchased as part of a misunderstanding. However, the reverb channel is busted (lots of noise) and unusable.

It's only worth $100 so getting it fixed isn't an option.

For the price, that Roland is very tempting, I'll own a 60 or 80 someday myself.

@Jazz_175: I used to play an Epi Sheridon II thru the Princeton, and I didn't like the sound.

Different strings and picks may have more of an impact than the different amps you are considering.