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Elm chanted forest

Later that night Peter, Pooh and his friends soon met Baron Burr who told our heroes that Peter’s power will end by sun rise meaning that Peter will no longer communicate with the animals.

Meanwhile on the other side of the forest where a swamp full of frogs and water lived King Neptune who was furious to found that all his waterways were full of slime and garbage. But was soon wake up by Emperor Spine who tried to make him flood the forest and drown the artist, Pooh and their friends.

Thistle teams up with them to create a magic potion.

But Thistle along with Pooh, Ash, Simba, Mickey Mouse, Tai and their friends got captured by the Spinetinglers and taken back to the castle while Peter fall down a hole that leads the world of mushrooms.

Tal, Matt and Sora quickly tell their Digimon to transform and get the two engines out of the water.