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That way you’ll be able to use both discounts, one for each leg.

You need to be on high alert if you want to get the best timing and the best deals.

In addition to gift card giveaways, airlines frequently hold other contests and promotions to gain publicity.

To help you find these promotions, sign up for newsletter lists from airlines, and keep an eye out for airline sponsorship at sporting events and festivals.

If you land a gift card or coupon but can only use one per reservation, maximize them by booking separate one-way flights, instead of a round trip.

If you’re one of these disillusioned people, get ready to turn your perspective around.

You can learn to earn free travel both with and without using points and miles.

If no staff people are available, or if you find out that they’re not currently looking for volunteers, make sure you grab a seat near the counter so you can quickly get to the agent if they make a change and an announcement.