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Milwaukee area sex chat

Wisconsin Statutes 301.45(1d)(b)For more information about our Milwaukee sex crime lawyer, Waukesha criminal defense attorney, or about any of the other legal services available from our Waukesha & Milwaukee law firm, please contact us today!

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Whether you were convicted of a sex offense in Milwaukee, WI or in another state, you may be required to register annually (except people subject to lifetime registration must register every 90 days) and stay on a sex offender registry anywhere from the amount of time specified by the court, or fifteen years to the rest of your life.

When you are on the Wisconsin sex offender registry, the state maintains a significant amount of your personal data in their registry, including your name and any aliases; your identifying information such as your date of birth, gender, race, height, weight and hair and eye color; which sex offense you committed that subjects you to the reporting requirements; your date of conviction, adjudication or commitment; the county or state in which you were convicted, adjudicated or committed; and any of the following: the date on which you were placed on probation, supervision, conditional release, conditional transfer or supervised release; the date on which you were or will be released from confinement, whether on parole, extended supervision or otherwise, or discharged or terminated from a sentence or commitment; the date you entered the state; the date you were ordered to comply with this section; the address at which you are or will be residing; the name of the agency supervising you, if applicable, and the office or unit and telephone number of the office or unit that is responsible for your supervision; the name or number of every electronic mail account you use, the Internet address of every Web site you create or maintain, every Internet user name you use, and the name and Internet address of every public or private Internet profile you create, use, or maintain; the name and address of the place at which you are or will be employed; the name and location of any school in you are or will be enrolled; and for some people, a notation concerning the treatment that you have received for certain mental disorders.

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