Start Org glite security trustmanager updating keymanager

Org glite security trustmanager updating keymanager

Secure Random()); return sc; } X509Trust Manager load Trust Manager() throws IOException, General Security Exception { X509Trust Manager trust Manager = null; Key Store ks = Key Instance(type); last Loaded = Modified(); File Input Stream in = new File Input Stream(file); try { ks.load(in, Char Array()); LOG.debug("Loaded truststore '" + file + "'"); } finally { in.close(); } Trust Manager Factory trust Manager Factory = Trust Manager Instance(SSLFactory.

MILLISECONDS); } /** * Set the default X509 Trust Manager to an instance of a fake class that * trust all certificates, even the self-signed ones.

This method uses the * old deprecated API from the ssl package.

* * @deprecated see [email protected] #_trust All Https Certificates()}.

The authentication type is the key exchange algorithm portion of the cipher suites represented as a String, such as "RSA", "DHE_DSS".