Start Positives of dating a marine

Positives of dating a marine

Erica Ray, who's been with her husband through three deployments also adds, "Try to find a job and keep as busy as possible, even if it's just hanging out at the pool or going to church every weekend.

"That way, [both my husband and I] can take our time getting there and he's around to help unpack and set up the house.

Nothing is worse than coming home from work to a house stacked with boxes everywhere." Hamilton also suggests that when doing a government move, "make sure you inventory everything.

Write serial numbers of electronics, take photos of valuable items in case something is damaged, and always take the important paperwork (marriage license, birth certificate, passports) with you in the car.

She used to hole herself up in the house with her children whenever her husband was deployed.

As Army wife Stephanie Rickert explains, "The military is not a job, it's a lifestyle.

The needs of the Army always come first." So try to look on the bright side and see the positives of this lifestyle.

I remember mentioning this to another wife in passing, and how surprised I was that this build-up seemed harder than his first tour.