Start Spybot not updating

Spybot not updating

Another program that requires manual SETUP, is AVG 2015 FREE.

-AS: Off: I havent been able to find out what its for --- However again since this is the free version, I suppose it doesnt matter Internet: unprotected --- This doesnt surprise In the Uninstall a Program list Spybot S&D 1.6.2 from 1/10/2010 --- Is it ok to uninstall this older version?

I updated to the latest Spybot S&D 2.4 In services there are 3 Spybot entries: Spybot S&D 2 Scanner Service, Spybot S&D 2 Security Center Service Spybot S&D 2 Updating Service; all of them set to Automatic Startup & Started status --- Im thinking of changing the Automatic Startup to Manual and the Started status to Stop In startups there are 2 entries checked in: one for Tea & another one for --- So I plan on removing them from startup By doing those things, I feel that instead of having them sit there from startup, he can always manually do what he is allowed to do manually just the same The bad news Spybot Free is not an always on anti virus scanner.

My suggestion is to uninstall Spybot and replace it with Malwarebytes, then install a separate antivirus program, one of the free ones, Avira, Bitdefender, Avast etc. Spybot is anti-spyware/anti-malware, combined with Malwarebytes free on-demand scans -- such a combo is very good against spy/mal-ware.

perhaps, and, if he doesn't have one, a free firewall, or a paid for version of the AV program which includes a firewall. Anti-virus -- I have both Avast and Avira, one has real time protections on, both run scheduled scans throughout each week.

But the success or failure of the original program ( Ver.) is dependent on the proper setup.

Without manual setup the program is only marginal at best. For my own use and the use of my techie friends, I wrote up a full page of instructions, just on the Installation and setup of the program.

Or you could be leaving a new virus to do its damage for a week before it gets found and removed. "Super Anti-Spyware" is a pretty good program, to use in conjunction with other Security Software.

It finds and removes PUPs and Tracking Cookies that other programs miss.

I am servicing a Win7 Home Premium laptop for performance issues and the owner has Spybot S&D free for his anti-spyware program.

--- Since I dont have Spybot I looked into and have questions on many items He thinks it runs at startup and helps keep the computer free from spyware --- However from what I can see it does load at startup but thats it and doesn't do anything actively Since its the free version he can manually run a system scan, update the definitions & run a rootkit scan --- Ill show him how to do them on a scheduled basis --- He is very interested in keeping his system safe and secure so Im expecting him to do them When checking out the Spybot icon in the system tray, it reports the following Update Service Stopped: --- Since this is the free version Scheduling is only available in paid editions Live Protection is Off: --- Since this is the free Live Protection requires a valid license to run --- Does this mean he can acquire that license and still stay with the free version?

* As good as the program is, and like most other programs, it doesn't find everything. Spybot S&D can get a new update every Wednesday, so that's a good day to Update, Immunize and Scan. You're only going to get one update a week, but you can run a scan (manually, of course) as often as you wish. version, but found it way too complicated, for both me and my customers to use every week.