Start Taylor swift is dating conor kennedy

Taylor swift is dating conor kennedy

But the singer is reportedly so taken with Conor Kennedy that members of his famous family don't believe Swift will ever write a track about her new 18-year old boyfriend. Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy took a big, sad step in their relationship on Sunday. It's safe to say things are getting very serious very quickly between Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend, the 18-year old son of Robert Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights with the Ripple of Hope Award for her commitment to social change.

“Taylor Swift’s dedication to advocacy at such a young age continues to inspire me, and I’m delighted to honor her as one of our 2012 Ripple of Hope Award recipients,” Kerry Kennedy, President of the RFK Center for Justice says in a statement (via ).

She was there during the July 4th holiday, which is when rumors bloomed about her interest in Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Rumors abounded earlier this summer that Swift singer was casually dating Arnold’s son Patrick Schwarzenegger, also the son of Maria Shriver, who is a part of the Kennedy family.

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are still together, having recently hatched a scheme to make people THINK they split, according to a new report.

They only "broke up" to get their families off their case, says a source: It looks like Taylor Swift already has material for her next album.

Conor Richard Kennedy (born July 24, 1994) is the son of radio host, activist, and environmental lawyer Robert F.