Start Who is henry cavill dating december 2016

Who is henry cavill dating december 2016

But alas, he’s done both these things recently, to the fury and disappointment of his legion of fans.

However, after she broke up with him and/or dumped him [more likely], he apparently went off the rails quite a bit.

Sadly, he’s all married off now so it doesn’t look like the rest of us are going to get the chance to walk down the aisle towards him.

Most of us have grown up with our special prince and we’ve watched him leave school, fall in love, get married and now have two beautiful babies – one boy and one girl, creating the perfect little Royal family.

Henry Cavill’s behavior over the past few months has been astounding to the public, to say the least.

Henry’s never been known to act out or get wasted at a party, especially not publicly, not has he ever seemed like the guy to date a known animal-killer.

So, in no particular order because we love them all equally the same (for the most part), here are the 100 hottest men in the world 2015-2016 plus a few tit-bits of cheeky gossip along the way.

It’s been a while since we had a good cry at a rom com!

We can say with 99% certainty that she was the one who leaked all the pictures, which Henry eventually figured out.