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Who is justin bruening dating

DC: What’s your number one beauty secret to looking flawless?

who instructed us not to breathe a word about the finale.

Although I am under lock and key I can tell you it will be amazing. April Kepner (your character) now has a boyfriend, Matthew (Justin Bruening) the paramedic.

DC: Because you are a working mom, have you experienced any “mommy guilt? In some ways I was dying to get out of the house especially because those first few weeks are like being in a war zone, yet if I was away I wanted to be with him.

To be honest, I didn’t purchase my first blow-dryer until I was 21.

In terms of April, her guilt is what paralyzes her and affects her relationships. Who is the one Hollywood celebrity you would like to see on an episode? If she came on I would be in sheer heaven because I really admire her as an actress. I have a great husband and a great group of friends who I can count on. SD: It is the most terrifying, joyous, and exhausting adventure you can ever imagine.

DC: In real life you juggle a busy Hollywood career, marriage, and you are a new mom. (laughs) But seriously, aside from the depths of love I feel for my baby, you have this constant fear that you are failing your child and not doing a good job.

SD: One thing I would love for April, I want her to learn how to forgive herself and stop beating herself up for things she has failed at.