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Xdating email unsubscribe

Users under the age of majority in their geographic region are not welcome, and sexually explicit images are found all over the site should a user set their preferences to view them.

I also discovered there wasn't much I couldn't do on the site, other than contact people directly.

They obviously aren’t interested in your email offers any longer and frustrating them with more emails will only cause problems for you.1.

Type some unsubscribe instructions in your email and highlight the text that you would like to use as your unsubscribe link.2. Select Mailto: as the Type and enter your email address followed by ?

Everything of note happens in the ' Dating Center,' with a long list of updated information along the left similar to a Twitter feed, and several boxes along the right to show you who else is online, has made contact or viewed you shows up on the right.

' Matches' show up in the left side column, although I couldn't figure out what criteria was used to match me with other members, since I didn't fill out my profile, add a photo, or otherwise state what I was looking for other than a gender preference upon signing up.

About 30% of the men I viewed posted sexually explicit images of themselves from all age ranges, races, shapes, and sizes.

I was somewhat surprised at the number of older (60+) men on the site.

A quick check found that paid members (scroll down for payment information and costs) can create and reply to email messages, share contact information, get higher search result placement, and can see everyone's pictures without limitations plus "lots of other benefits" that I couldn't find spelled out anywhere.x Dating offers a ' Safe Mode' that you can flip to either on or off at will.